The Epic battle between a snake and a crane that inspired the creation of Tai Chi
Tai Chi
If you are looking for a calm and relaxing way to reduce stress and regain serenity, then the ancient art of Tai Chi is what you need to study. It was originally created in ancient china as a form of self defense, but has since been transfigured into an art form of grace and beauty. According to legends from ancient china, the technique was created by a Taoist monk who was inspired as he watched a crane and a snake do battle. This monk was extremely impressed by the snake's ability to subtly and swiftly avoid the bird's thrusts. He then devised a series of self-defense techniques that do not involve meeting the opponent's force with force, but rather stress evading the blow. It mainly focuses on causing the opponent's own momentum to work against him. It is such an effective way of defense and relaxation, that even today in modern China over 10 million people still practice it! The Chinese people strongly believe in its abilities to heal the body and the soul. They believe that when you practice Tai Chi, you gather all the energy together from everything around you and make yourself one with it. That is why in China it is almost always practiced outside, preferably in or around trees. They also wear no shoes so that they can connect to the earth through touch.

The Different Styles Of Tai Chi
There are many different styles of Tai Chi. Lets start with the original style, which is called the Family Style. It is called this because back when Tai Chi was very first invented only the family was aloud to learn it; and only in that same family. In Ancient China, there were only five original Family styles:

· Chen style - 陈式

· Yang style - 杨式

· Sun style - 孙式

· Wu Hao style of Wu Yu-hsiang - 武式

· Wu style of Wu Ch'uan-yü and Wu Chien-ch'uan - 吴式

It is said that at first only those certain families new of Tai Chi and it’s properties. Therefore every other style was derived from this style. The reason that it finally emerged to the public was because the Chen family let an outsider named Yang. They took care of him and he was able to learn their style of Tai Chi. Eventually he left them and went back to his village where he modified it and taught this new style called the Yang style to all in his village. When the Family style is talked about today it is

just talking about the original from of Tai Chi.external image Tai%20Chi%204.jpg