The Silk Road

The Silk Road was an impotant trading route for the early world. It is one of the oldest trade routes. Its main good was silk. There for it picked up the name silk road. The land it is located in one of the most hostile envotoments on the planet. Its located in the Taklimakan desert. Because of location it has little rain fall no vegetation and sand storms are common. Many died on this road. It also erned the nick name "Land Of Death". The Silk Road was created under the Han Dynasty. It would take years to trvel the full road. There for the travlers would have to pick up things on the way such as food, water, clothing, and so forth. though silk was the main trade many more things followed such as technologies, religions and philosophies. The Bubonic Plague also travled on the road with many of the travlers. The Road its self was over 4,000 miles and travled from Ancient China, to Ancient India, and then into the Mediterranean countries for almost 3,000 years.
external image SilkRoad-map.jpg
Here is a map of the routes. And what goods were picked up where.

external image 150px-Silk_from_Mawangdui_2.jpg external image 150px-Silk_from_Mawangdui.jpg

Here is some silk that wa trade on the route.