Wild Swans

Er Tian She: Sentence: "It also meant that people learned not to take any action on their own initiative." I think that this is an important statement because it shows how controlling communism is. Communism wasn't just about the government controlling property, it was about the government controlling every aspect of a person's life. People couldn't really do anything on their own. They couldn't learn to show initiative because then people would turn on them. I don't even think that they could think on their own. In my opinion, communism sought to control even a person's thoughts. Communism sought to take away even the most private, personal, and inherent rights that a person has--the right to their own thoughts. I think we are starting to see this controlling aspect of communism in these chapters.

Kong mi rou (aka Marshall Keith): "There was no wedding ceremony of any kind, only a small gathering."
How could they not have a wedding? Like tesha stated above, it shows that the government controls every aspect of their lives. It would be horrible to have no privacy what so ever. These chapters showed that sure, the Nationalists weren't friendly, and there was a extreme decrease in food, but stability (in my opinion) would have come. Sure, for the first few days communism seemed helpful.but they quickly seized control of their lives. Sorry for ragging on communism.

甘夢天- "... hugely impressed by the man's courage and calmness in the face of death" page 117. To me this shows how they chose the Communists over the Kuomintang. The Communists kept their beliefs and were yet to be corrupted, where as the Kuomintang were corrupt and abused their positions of power. They wanted an uncorrupt place that was just to all, the bands between the poor and rich were to great. They wanted the calmness and assurance that man had because in their situation they had very little of that.

An Jing Rui "Pg110 A Place a cat tries to hide in is a lucky place"- this was when the Xia house was being bombed and he refused to go down in to the bomb shelter and so he stayed in his room and watched some cats come in with him. In his face he was perfectly safe, if i was in his case i would be in the bomb shelter. He showed extreams of courage and not even one bullet entered his room. He is a very lucky man and this shows how much he belived in his traditions and superstions.